Nik Benn is a rather dashing writer and director for film and television. He feels most at home in dark dramas, but enjoys exploring any story so long as it’s immersive and a bit out of the ordinary. His favourite book is Brave New World and much to the chagrin of his colleagues, he prefers bourbon over scotch.

(Now that the generic third person biography is out of the way, some more about me.)

I’ve always written stories, but like most of us I grew up and decided I needed a ‘real job.’ So off I went, and spent the next decade working in the film industry.

I started on the production side of things as a lighting tech before moving up to gaffer and then cinematographer, where I worked with national brands such as ELLE Canada and Canadian Living.

I’ve since transitioned back (because a lot of us don’t get it right the first time) to my true passion of writing and more recently directing.

In 2017 I sold my first tv show and have since gone on to place second at the Slamdance Screenplay Competition, and win Best Feature Script at the Diabolical Horror Film Festival.

I dig horror, sci-fi, drama and thrillers, and while I’m not much for romantic comedies, there’s a first time for everything (just not that).