My goal is to inspire people and help them escape their daily lives by writing imaginative stories and helping others bring their own to life.

And yes, I am fully aware of how pompous that sounds (thank you for noticing), but it’s the truth and why I do what I do.

Welcome! I’m Nik Benn, a writer and director intent on telling great stories. Films, novels, short stories, podcasts — it’s all fair game.

Axe-wielding psycho thrillers, dark dramas, absurd comedies; each have a place in my adequately twisted heart and I want to work on them all.

But wait! There’s more!

Apart from some shameless self promotion, this site will also include articles about all the habits and wisdom I wish someone had told me in my early 20’s, before I wasted a load of time and money.

Health, wardrobe, minimalism and career; each article is written for people, who like me, want to makes some changes, build good habits, and get shit done.

Everything I cover I’ve personally tried and found to be effective in my life, so if you’re tired of being disorganized and you genuinely want to start improving yourself, keep reading, the good stuff’s coming up.

If not, there’s a few million videos on YouTube and they aren’t going to watch themselves. In fact here’s one right now!



Image Killer is Fargo meets Scream Queens, a gallows humour series that follows the victims of a social media serial killer (IK), and the sarcastic journalist piecing together her identity.

Over the past few months, social media stars have been turning up dead, their bodies displayed in disturbing and ironic fashions. The best lead is an online persona named “IK” who publishes a clue about the victim before their demise, and a picture of the aftermath.

The only person with any success revealing the killer is investigative journalist Ben Robinson, who shares his theories and findings on his weekly podcast. But as his own online presence continues to grow, he can’t help but wonder if he’ll discover the killer’s identity before becoming IK’s next victim. #instantregret